Lithuania: Final Heat of Eurovizijos complete!

Over in Lithuania, the fourth and final heat of Eurovizijos has taken place. A total of 11 acts have perfomed, with six spots into the next round available.

The 11 acts competing were:

  • Alanas Chosnau – 7 Days

  • Valerija Iljinaite – You Made Me Glow

  • Vlad Max – I’ll Never Let You Down

  • Queens of Roses – Fisherman

  • Evaldas Vaikasas – Fire Kisses

  • Elvina – Milkauskaite – Try

  • Aiste Pilvelyte – I’m Like Woolf

  • Julija Jegorova – Higher

  • Audrius Janonis – Run

  • Shiny Raia – All You

  • Neringa Siaudikyte – Running Out of Time

Aiste Pilvelyte returned to the national final after being a finalist in last year’s competition. This year, her entry was written by former Eurovision participant Aminata Savadogo. Luckily for Aminata, her performance and songwriting streak continues as Aiste topped both the jury and televoting results.

The combined results meant that these six acts will continue to the next round:

Next week, we’ll see 12 of the 24 qualified acts take to the stage again.


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