Norway: Melodi Grand Prix Acts Revealed!

All around Scandinavia, national finals are either in preparation, started or in Finland’s case, completed, but it’s been very quiet from Norway. Now, we know who will be participating in the national final which will be held on the 11th of March. The hosts of the show will be Line Elvsåshagen and Kåre Magnus Bergh, who in a press conference just released the names of the acts.

Here are the 10 acts here, each with a 15 second snippet from the NRK website. Next week, on the 15th we’ll be able to hear all songs in their entirety.

Interestingly, the band Ammunition is led by the singer Age Sten Nilsen, who also fronted the band Wig Wam. Wig Wam represented Norway back in 2005 with the song In My Dreams.