Listen to the Danish Songs Here!

Denmark are once again using the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix format to select their Eurovision act, and after two years without qualifying into the final, Denmark is back stronger than ever with 10 promising acts. Now, the Danish broadcaster DR has released the songs that will be competing in the national final.

To recap, here are the 10 acts competing:

  • Ida Una – One

  • Thomas Ring – Vesterbro

  • Rikke Gunner – Color My World

  • Anja – Where I Am

  • Calling Mercury – Big Little Lies

  • Anthony – Smoke in my Eyes

  • René Machon – Warriors

  • Sada Vidoo – Northern Lights

  • Jeanette Bonde – Hurricane

  • Johanna Beijbom – ASAP

To listen to all the songs, you can visit this page from DR, which has all the audio.

Which Danish song, or songs do you love?


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