The Netherlands: OG3NE to sing Lights and Shadows at Eurovision!

Months ago, we found out that the sister trio under the name OG3NE would be representing the Netherlands at Eurovision in Kyiv this year. We’ve been waiting for a song all this time, and now we are able to listen to their entry, which is called Lights and Shadows.

The group is made up of sisters Lisa, Amy and Shelly, and these three sisters aren’t new to Eurovision. The girls participated in Junior Eurovision in 2007 with the song Adem In, Adem Uit (Breath in, breath out), finishing 11th out of 17. Since then, they’ve won the Voice of Holland, and have released several hits.

Earlier today, the group held a press conference in Amsterdam where they released the official video of the song Lights and Shadows. The song was written by their father, and inspired by their mother, definitely making this the most family involved act in Eurovision this year.

Listen to the song below, and if you’re loving OG3NE, make sure to vote for them in our Eurovision 2017 poll!