Guess who’s back! Valentina Monetta returns to Eurovision!

Valentina Monetta was deemed Eurovision royalty after performing for San Marino three years in row, and on her third attempt in 2014, she brought the nation to the Grand Final for the first time. This year, Valentina is back, and she is not alone. She will be joined by American performer Jimmie Wilson, and together they will be performing the song Spirit of the Night which was written by Ralph Siegel.

Jimmie Wilson is a singer and songwriter born in Michigan. He came to Europe as part of the Michael Jackson musical Sisterella, and currently lives in Germany. In 2010, he played the part of President Obama in the musical Hope. He also has a new album out titled So Damn Beautiful, which is available online now.

Valentina doesn’t need much of an introduction, as many Eurovision fans already know her well. Valentina is a jazz singer who was born in San Marino, and performed on behalf of the country at Eurovision in 2012, 2013 and 2014, with her 2014 song ‘Maybe’ finally taking San Marino to the final for the first time, and only time as of yet. She also performs with her band My Funky Valentine and she also works with a band called Live Tropical Fish.

Listen to the song down below, and if you’re happy that Valentina is back, make sure to support San Marino in our Eurovision poll!