Top 5 Non-Qualifiers of 2014!

Over the last two weeks, we’ve looked upon those who didn’t make the final and put the spotlight on our Top 5 non-qualifiers, and now it’s time for the 2014 edition. There is a smaller pool of songs this year, but yet still songs we hoped would qualify to the final. Keep reading to see who makes our Top 5!

5. Hersi – One Night’s Anger

It’s the song we all realised probably wouldn’t make the final, but we can still appreciate this piece of Albanian beauty. Hersi, coming from a classical background uses her unique tone to perform this rock inspired piece of music, and at no point do we hear any vocal mishaps from the singer. It was a shame to see this song changed into English, and perhaps there could have been more care in writing English lyrics because at times it comes across a bit clunky, but the song itself is enjoyable. It was also a shame she coincidentally wore practically the same dress as Conchita, the Queen herself – you’d think they would consult each other before the show!

4. Mei Finegold – Same Heart

Before the contest, Israel was picked by fans as a certain qualifier, however on the night just didn’t deliver. The song itself is actually similar to One Night’s Anger in the fact that it is quite rock based, and Mei does have quite a unique voice. Then, the song breaks into the dance beat and the crowd goes wild! Where this song went wrong was the staging, and it’s something that camera angles could have easily fixed. Mei looks small on stage, and you lose her amongst the patterns on the stage floor. If they had used less long shots, or perhaps just saved them simply for when the dance beat drops, this might have come across better on television screens.

3. Can-Linn ft. Kasey Smith – Heartbeat

Here’s yet another artist pretty keen to wear the gold Conchita dress, but little did Hersi and Kasey Smith know that there can only be one Queen of Eurovision. Costume coincidences aside, Ireland’s song was pretty hyped before the contest, and I can see why. It has quite Irish influences in sound, and a catchy melody, especially in the chorus. We’ve got a bit of Irish dancing, I mean, what else could you want from an Irish entry?! Perhaps this entry was just a bit TOO Irish, with the green and orange used throughout the performance, with the latter actually washing out Kasey in the gold dress. Despite that, a great Irish attempt.

2. Tanja – Amazing

Before the contest, I didn’t rate this song much at all, but it wasn’t until after the contest when I really fell in love with this. The song is a performance piece which really focuses on Tanja’s incredible talent for singing whilst nailing some incredible contemporary dance moves. I’m out of breath just walking up some stairs, so the fact that she can be spun and stretched whilst still nailing her vocals is something truly incredible. Plus, we have to appreciate that one dance move which definitely shouldn’t be attempted by the regular joe, the one where she is balanced with one foot against her partner – you know the one! I really did grow to love this tune, and it was a shame to see it miss out on the final!

1. Aarzemnieki – Cake to Bake

This is just the cutest song. Trust Latvia to send something so left field but just super awesome. The song itself is so catchy, especially with the cep cep kuku’s. You’d probably think a song about baking a cake couldn’t be too riveting, but the lyrics of this song are feel good whilst still having a meaning. Out of the 2014 Eurovision season, this was definitely the most wholesome song which makes everyone smile, even if you don’t like the song itself. The performers on stage are beaming with happiness, and their performance came across as humble, although it may have been a bit of charming awkwardness giving that impression. Keeping with the staging, the actual backdrop for this song was stunning. We saw a lot of tree motifs used on stage in 2014, but this one topped them all. Hearing the crowd going wild for this just makes me wonder why we didn’t see this in the final!

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