Måns Zelmerlöw releases ‘Hanging on to Nothing’ video clip!

It feels like an eternity since Swedish Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw has released new music, and although Hanging on to Nothing isn’t a new release as such, what is new is the video clip to accompany the song.

The single was first released in August of 2016, and was the second single off his 7th studio album titled Chameleon. The song was also interestingly released in French, the song titled Rien Que Nous Deux, with parts of the song in French, and the other parts sticking to the original English lyrics. Both versions now feature a video clip, which of course is primarily the same, except for the parts where we see Måns sing the lyrics.

The video clip was directed by Mikeadelica, and was filmed in Warsaw, in Poland. The video features a mix of the star singing along to the song, as well as some pretty spectacular views of the Polish landscape.

The Swedish star has also just begun his Chameleon tour, which primarily features dates in Sweden, although he does have upcoming concerts in France, Latvia and Finland. Here are the tour dates:

  • 8 June: Stockholm, Sweden

  • 10 June: Furuvik, Sweden

  • 14 June: Paris, France

  • 7 July: Båstad, Sweden

  • 14 July: Svedala, Sweden

  • 15 July: Docksta, Sweden

  • 20 July: Kalix, Sweden

  • 23 July: Jurmala, Latvia

  • 28 July: Turku / Åbo, Finland

  • 2 September: Rättvik, Sweden

  • 30 November: Västerås, Sweden

  • 1 December: Helsinborg, Sweden

  • 2 December: Jönköping, Sweden

  • 5 December: Malmö, Sweden

  • 7 December: Stockholm, Sweden

  • 9 December: Karlstad, Sweden

  • 13 December: Gothenburg / Göteborg, Sweden

  • 16 December: Lidköping, Sweden

Listen to both the English and French versions below!