Donny Montell drops new single ‘Move Your Body’

Earlier this year, two-time Eurovision star Donny Montell released his first single of 2017 titled Screw Me Up, and now, he’s released another dance-pop tune titled Move Your Body.

Donny first hit the Eurovision stage in 2012 with the song Love is Blind, and then again in 2016 with the more contemporary song I’ve Been Waiting For This Night. In the latter performance, Donny had a whole new edgy stage presence, and it’s that vibe that has continued on through his 2017 releases.

The song immediately begins with the chorus, which is definitely the catchiest part of the song! It’s a song that features elements of dance music, but is still predominately a contemporary pop track – a far cry from his first Eurovision entry back in 2012 which was a ballad crossed with disco dance!

It’s unsure if this is a standalone single, or if it will be a part of an EP or album in the future, but whichever it is, we’re glad to hear new tunes from Donny!

Listen to the song here: