The gift that keeps on giving: Nathan Trent goes Spanish!

Over the Eurovision season, Austrian representative stole our hearts with his charm and incredible vocals, dazzling us with not only his Eurovision song but a handful of Eurovision covers, each better than the last. The star also recently released his Eurovision track Running on Air in Italian, titled Fino A Che Volerò. Just when we thought this was enough, Nathan has surprised us with yet another release of his Eurovision song, this time, in Spanish!

Unlike Fino A Che Volerò, which followed the tempo and musicality of the original English version of the song, the Spanish release titled Aire has surprised us with a summer appropriate feel. The song is even more light-hearted than the original, which we didn’t think was possible, but he’s managed to keep the original melody of the song but adapt it to a song which we can only describe as tropical! There have been musical elements introduced which clearly differ to both the original and the Italian adaptation of the song, so rather than feeling like another language version of the same song, it feels as if we are getting a new track completely!

Listen to the song down below, and follow all the lyrics with the lyric video!