Spanish Eurovision star Barei releases three new singles!

We’re the type of person who gets super excited about a new release from either a former Eurovision star, or a national final performer, but former Spanish Eurovision participant Barei has released not one, not two but three singles in only a few weeks!

The first single released is titled Wasn’t Me, which is a fresh, modern electro track, which Barei does so well. The song discusses the disappointment of knowing a relationship has potential, but that potential isn’t reached. It talks about that feeling of wanting something to continue despite being already over, which is a relatable topic for many of the listeners of the song.

The second release was at the end of last month, with a song titled Forget it. Unsurprisingly, it’s a song we just don’t want to forget, as it features that summery electro vibe that Barei has adopted in her previous release that we’re loving. This song deals with the heartbreak and frustration caused by learning that the partner you love is seeking love from another.

Not long after the release of Forget It was the release of Worry, Worry, the third in the flurry of releases from the Spanish sensation. The song features rapper Porta, who chimes in after the second chorus of the song. The song in general deals with her previous behaviour, which made her partner worry, but she’s ready to learn and change in the hope that they give her another reason to stay by her side.

All three of these singles will form a part of her upcoming album due for release in the coming months. After the National Final which eventually sent her to Eurovision last year, Barei signed to the Universal record label, however have since parted ways. As a result, Barei is creating her own success by creating her own record label, BareiMusic. We’re absolutely loving all the new tracks – keep them coming, we say!

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