V, as in Volcano: Francesca Michielin returns with a hot new single!

She was one of the more underrated Italian entries in recent years, but despite finishing outside the Top 10, music careers must push on. Francesca has now returned with what we’re easily labelling her best single yet. The song is called Vulcano, and it’s hot, hot, hot!

The single is a turn away from that peachy pop sound that she has championed in previous singles. Francesca herself has noted that it’s a new way of making music for her in the way of its immediacy, but it’s a direction we hope she continues in for her upcoming album, of which Vulcano will be the first single.

The video sees Francesca wandering down the streets of Berlin with a portable CD player in hand, stopping along the way for a drink and some karaoke. The video has the same kind of darkness that the song has, and Francesca herself is looking as youthful as ever with a fun and on-trend sense of fashion displayed through the clip.

Watch the video clip here: