Cyprus to internally select songwriter for 2018

Cyprus have participated at Eurovision no less than 34 times without a win, so for 2018, the nation is revamping their national selection in the hopes of winning the contest for the first time. Allegedly, the broadcaster RIK is in talks with a well-known songwriter, who will have the task of writing the 2018 Cypriot Eurovision entry, and perhaps the winning entry!

It’s said that this songwriter has had some Eurovision experience, and knows what it takes to create a successful Eurovision, but before you ask, no, it’s apparently not Thomas G:son, who has been a part of the Cypriot team for the last two years. Regardless of who it is, it’s a promising sign to see Cyprus already thinking about their options for 2018, despite the contest being months away.

It had also been reported that Cyprus will hold a national final, which was last done in 2015, however unlike that selection, the 2018 show will be used to choose an artist only. This format is similar to what has been used in Israel and Armenia in previous years, where the artist is chosen, and then the song is revealed at a later date.

Will this be a successful format for Cyprus? Stay tuned for more news regarding their 2018 selection.

Here is the 2017 Cypriot performance:


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