Eurovision Family of Events to Expand to the Asia-Pacific Region! promised us some big news, and they have delivered, with the announcement that the Eurovision format will expand to the Asia-Pacific Region! The EBU’s production partners have been developing the format, which at this point is said to just feature a Grand Final.

From the information that has been released so far, up to 20 countries will be participating in the first of the live annual event, but when that event will actually be happening is unsurprisingly not announced. At this point, it’s still in development, but hopefully Eurovision fans worldwide will know more information soon!

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard this announcement before. Quite a few years ago, the ABU Song Festival was said to be a spin-off of Eurovision format, and even before it’s reinvention in 2012, the contest had various forms on and off since 1985. The contest has yet to really take off, despite the fact that it is still running. The format is quite different to Eurovision, and has such never really captured the devoted Eurovision audience.

Rumours once again popped up about a similar format to Eurovision for the Asia Pacific region over the last couple of years, with Australia’s broadcaster SBS to develop the idea. This too seemed to have led to a bit of a dead end, with no news until now…

The Eurovision Asia website has launched, as well as social media on the usual platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.

Stay tuned for more news as it comes out! For now, watch the promotional video here: