Junior Best of the Bunch: Albania

In the lead up to Junior Eurovision, we’ve been going through the 2017 participating acts and their Junior Eurovision histories with the hope of finding your Best of the Bunch! Today we’re zooming in on Albania at Junior Eurovision, and although they’ve got a short history at Junior Eurovision, we still want to know which of their entries is your Best of the Bunch!

We start our journey today in 2012, where Albania made their Junior Eurovision debut with the young star Igzidora Gjeta. The song she performed was titled Kam një këngë vetëm për ju, and sadly, it wasn’t the most successful debut with Albania finishing in last place with 35 points.

Albania then took a two year break, but returned in 2015. The nation held a national final to find their representative, with the format similar to how Albania chooses their Eurovision acts! Mishela Rapo triumphed above all with her song called Dambaje, which featured lyrics in Albanian, English and Imaginary languages. The song finished in 5th place with 93 points, which is their best result thus far!

Albania continued their Junior Eurovision journey in 2016 with the big voice of Klesta Qehaja, who was selected via a national final. The ballad she performed at the contest was called Besoj, and many fans were in awe of her talent! The song finished in 13th place with a total of 38 points!

Although that was a quick journey, there’s still 3 songs to choose from, so vote below!