Switzerland sees a surge of interest for Eurovision 2018!

A few months ago, we reported that Switzerland were shaking things up for their national final, with a focus on the quality of music coming through for Eurovision 2018. Up until the 22nd of September, song were submitted to the broadcaster, and they’re pleased to say that they’ve received an incredible 670 applications!

What happens now? Well, there will be an independent jury who will listen to all the songs, and they have the hard decision of selecting only 6 entries which will move onto the next stage – a national final. Unlike in previous years, the songs are not available for the public to listen to online. We have to put our faith in this jury, and although we don’t know who it consists of exactly, we know that it’s comprised of Eurovision fans and viewers, as well people in the music and media industries.

If you have submitted a song to the broadcaster, only the selected finalists will be contacted by the broadcaster. This will be done around October and November, and if the applicants are not contacted around this time, it is assumed that these applicants will not be moving forward in the competition.

Interestingly, this year the submitted songs will be tested with various vocalists in order to find the perfect interpretation of each song. The artists who are selected to present the 6 songs will participate in the national final which will take place on Sunday February 4, 2018. The winning song will be decided with a 50/50 split of public vote and an international expert jury.