Romania releases more details about their 2018 National Selection!

Go big or go home, they say, and Romania is doing just that for their Eurovision 2018 selection. They’re one of the more successful nations at the contest, and we are constantly seeing them in the finals, and the nation is hoping that 2018 is no exception. Romania will be once again opting for a televised selection, but the 2018 selection will be bigger than ever!

Like previous years, Romania will be using the Selectia Nationala format to select their act, with the submission period starting in mid-November, continuing through to mid-December. After the submission period is closed, a committee will then go through the entries to select who will be competing at the televised semi-finals. These semi-finals will take place across five different cities across Romania, with the final taking place in the nation’s capital Bucharest.

The expanded national selection will fall under the banner of ‘Eurovision unites Romania’ which is part of a larger project that is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the nation’s biggest expansion, where the Bessarabia, Bukovina and Transylvania regions united into the Kingdom of Romania. As part of the anniversary, Romanian broadcaster TVR will celebrate with various programs hoping to bring the Romanian citizens close to the organised events.

So who can we expect to see at Selectia Nationala? Well there’s one person who we’ll very likely see in the televised finals, and that’s Mihai. You’ll remember him from Eurovision 2006, where he finished in 4th place with the song Tornero. He has since tried various times to return to Eurovision without success, but Mihai is already on the hunt for an entry to take to the national final, and perhaps to Eurovision once again! On Facebook, the artist has stated that he has already received 7 songs, and that he will continue to judge the songs he’s received and then enter the competition towards the end of the deadline in mid-December. Perhaps we’ll see other former Romanian Eurovision artists? Only time will tell!

Listen to the 2017 entry here: