Questionable Instagram ‘Sensation’ called out for stealing Eurovision Stars’ Music!

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but in the case of Anja Nissen, Molly Sandén and Sanna Nielsen, probably amongst others, it’s probably not all that amusing to have someone blatantly stealing their music.

Her name is Porche Adams, and she’s seemingly an Instagram sensation with an incredible 120 thousand followers. Her Instagram is full of model shots, and short video clips promoting her new music. Could be legit, except for the fact that the music she is promoting is simply the music of these three artists, all very well known in the Eurovision circle. Under different song titles, portions of songs such as Drive and Where I Am by Anja Nissen, Undo by Sanna Nielsen and Youniverse by Molly Sandén. What’s interesting about this is that this Instagram user hasn’t even bothered to edit the music to at least make it sound somewhat different to the originals, so if she is claiming this to be her, she sure does have such a diverse vocal range.

Anja Nissen has called them out on her Instagram now, posting a picture of the ‘tour announcement’ photo with a caption saying ‘HELP ME! This girl has stolen all my music renaming them but it is still me singing and my songs…. and now she is going on tour??!! She needs to be stopped! Please report her!’

This is not ok. On so many levels this is just unbelievable, and it makes us think that either this is the attractive young lady pictured who is genuinely behind the account struggling to make it big, or the person behind this is another internet troll. There have been an influx of comments on her posts calling her out on her copyright violations, but it seems that the account has started blocking and deleting comments. The comments remaining on her posts seem to be from fan accounts, which are questionable considering the legitimacy of the page itself. For posts and accounts to have that many followers and likes on individual posts, you’d probably expect a decent amount of comments to go with the posts, but without that, it all seems a little fishy if you ask us!

We could find none of ‘her’ music on iTunes or Spotify, which seems about right considering it would have been likely reported if it were released at all. Common sense will hopefully prevail, and whoever is behind this will hopefully stop to either pursue a real career in music, or find a day job that doesn’t involve reaping the rewards of someone else’s hard work.

The Porche Adams Instagram account has been shut down, however the other sites such as the Twitter and Wix are still up and running, for now. We now also know that the pictures on the account are of Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros, who very (very) likely has nothing to do with the actual running of the account or the stealing of music.

If you’re a frequent viewer of the MTV show Catfish (based on the premise of pretending to be someone other than yourself online), you’ll recognise that models are often the easy target for these Catfish, as popular accounts such as these are often updated with photos, so there’s new material for these Catfish to steal constantly. It is also common that these fake accounts comprise of more than one account, and there were strong signs in this case due to the amount of ‘fan’ related pages. Whoever is behind this, they’re crafty but not enough to get away with it.