2017 Junior Eurovision Review – Georgia

Georgia are one of the most successful Junior Eurovision nations with no less than three wins under their belt, not to mention a handful of Top 5 results. Coming off a win in 2016 which gave Georgia the opportunity to host a Eurovision event for the first time ever, there’s the added home town pressure for 2017 representative Grigol Kipshidze who will be singing the song Voice of the Heart. Could it be two in a row for Georgia?

There’s always at least one song that you fall completely in love with at the contest. This is that song for me. There’s so much to love about this song, and as soon as Grigol begins singing the beautiful melody, I’m instantly hooked. This song gives us 90’s ballad vibes but feels nostalgic rather than outdated, and like a good ballad, it builds perfectly over the three minutes. Grigol shows the sensitivity in his voice through the first verse and chorus, and then after the second verse, starts to turn it up a notch until he reaches that last 30 seconds or so. If those notes are hit live, this is a song to look out for. Also extra points for keeping the whole song in Georgian, it sounds incredible matched with the melody and style of this song.

This performance may be one of the most simple on stage if the music video is anything to go by, but in this case, simple might be the most effective. Having the focus on Grigol lets you really hear his beautiful voice, and having backing singers behind him just adds to the charm of the song. Out of the entries this year, I think this is the song that will create the most electric atmosphere, not only because of the song but also due to the home town crowd backing him up.

I think this has huge potential at the contest, and I truly think this is in with a shot at winning the contest for the second year in a row. There’s definitely competition, but the song is too sweet not to finish in the Top 5, at least. This is by far my favourite song of the year, and the one I’ll keep on repeat even after the contest is over.

I’m giving this a 10/10.

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