2017 Junior Eurovision Review – Belarus

As one of the only nations to have participated each year since the contest began back in 2003, Belarus should be well and truly bringing their game each year, as they’ve seen the contest grow since its inception. They’ve won the contest twice, but it’s been a while since their last win in 2007, and their best results since then have been 2 third places in 2011 and 2013. With the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest heading to Minsk, even before the results of the 2017 contest are known, could Belarus actually follow through and win the contest this year? It will be up to Helena Meraai with the song I Am The One, so could she finish as the number one?

Well, it’s looking quite likely that Belarus are in for at least a Top 5 finish this year. This entry is the most mature and professional, up there with Russia, both of which are entries which could hold their own even if they were taking part in Eurovision rather than Junior Eurovision. From the opening moments, Helena captures your attention, and it’s just one of those songs that you know will develop into something special. When that modern beat really kicks in, and Helena is belting out those incredible notes, you know that the care has been taken to create this artful piece of music. Even watching the official video, you can see that effort has been put in to create something that is professional.

As good as this song is, its downfall might be that it is actually too mature for a contest intended for kids. Although I’m sure many older teens and adults will be voting online, for the actual children, song’s more upbeat and friendly like the entries from Malta, Portugal or Serbia, for example, might sway more towards the younger audience. This might be a hit with the juries, and with their voting weight taking no less than 50% of the total vote, this could really bring it home for Belarus.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Belarus wins the contest, but also, wouldn’t be surprised if they get stuck just below the winning position. It could go either way, but at least they’re going to be hosting the contest next year, win or no win. I’m going to give this song 9/10.

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