Eurovision Union’s Weekly Playlist (50/52)

Each week, Eurovision Union is dedicated to bring you a specially curated playlist with a whole bunch of our favourite Eurovision and National final stars, new and old! This week we’re taking inspiration from the upcoming 2018 national finals, and from our favourites of 2017 with our Eurovision Union Awards!

Listen to the playlist here:

This week, our primary inspiration has been the announcement of the Sanremo participants for 2018, and since we’re in Italy at the moment, it seems appropriate to have a bit of an Italian themed week for this week’s playlist. Let’s start with Annalisa, who will be a hot favourite for Sanremo in 2018. This week we’ve featured her newest release titled Direzione la vita. We’ve got Noemi, who is returning to Sanremo in 2018, and we’ve got her latest release called I Miei Rimedi. We’ve got songs from Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro, who will join forces in 2018 for a duet in Sanremo. This week, we’ve featured Ermal’s hit song called Piccola Anima featuring Elisa, and from Fabrizio Moro we’ve got Escluso il cane. Another act to look out for is Max Gazzé, who will surely entertain audiences with his Sanremo performance, but this week we’ve got Ti Sembra Normale which is our favourite song from the artist. From a younger generation, we’ve got the group The Kolors who were a mega hit in Italy with their song Everytime, which is on this week’s playlist. The last two songs we’ve got from the Sanremo line-up are from Renzo Rubino, with his song from Sanremo a few years ago, called Il Postino (amami uomo), and we’ve got Nina Zilli and her collaboration with J-Ax titled Uno di quei giorni.

Moving onto the other national finals we’re inspired by, which includes Latvia’s Supernova, and this week we’ve featured the song Sunset by In My Head. We’ve heard that Greta Zazza will return to Lithuania’s national final, so this week we’ve featured her newest release titled Broken Shadows. We’re excited to see that the Czech Republic will return to a public national final, and we’ve heard through the grapevine that Mikolas Josef will be a part of the 6 person national final with his song Lie to Me. We’ve also seen that Australia have chosen their representative, and it’s Jessica Mauboy who will be returning to Eurovision in 2018! This week we’ve featured one of our favourite songs from her titled This Ain’t Love.

Our other big inspiration this week was from our first annual Eurovision Union Awards, where we’ve got 12 categories which will need 12 winners, as voted by you! We’ve featured some of our nominees, including Can Bonomo who is up for Best Alternative Act, and this week we’ve got one of our favourite songs from him titled Maşrapa. We’ve got Jala Brat and Allyawan who are both up for Best Hip-Hop & Rap Act. From Jala Brat, we’ve got his latest release titled Mlada I luda, and from Allyawan we’ve got Framåt. Up for Best EP of the Year we’ve got Hildur and Debrah Scarlett with their songs Run With My Heart and Neon Eyes, respectively. We’ve got Amir, who is up for Album of the Year, and this week we’ve got his song La nuit, and we also have the title track off Dima Bilan’s new album, and Dima is nominated alongside Sergey Lazarev as part of the Best Collaboration category.

Last but not least, we’ve got Alexander Rybak with Winter Wonderland, which is a song off his much loved Christmas album, which we’ve featured another song in our Eurovision Christmas playlist!

Tell us which songs you enjoyed from our playlist, and which songs you would love to see in next week’s playlist! Make sure to follow us on Spotify to keep up with our weekly playlists, and of course Twitter and Facebook to chat with us and other Eurovision fans!