Lithuania 2018: Here are the next Eurovizijos qualifiers!

Another week, another Eurovizijos heat! This week marked the third heat of the competition, where another 12 participants took to the stage all hoping to score the next six places in the next round of the competition.

This week we saw some returning performers, most notably Greta Zazza, who was a finalist in last year’s Eurovizijos competition, multiple time national finalist Gabriuelius Vagelis and Eurovizijos 2013 competitor Gerai Gerai. Here is the full list of competitors:

  • Vidas Bareikis – Pusvalanduko

  • Donata – Powerful

  • Agnė Michalenkovaitė – Going On

  • Gerai Gerai & Silvija Pankūnaitė – More Than You Know

  • ELEY – This is My Life

  • G.O – Shake the World

  • Živilė Gedvilaitė – Melody

  • Joyce – Breathe

  • Valdas Lacko – Dying Inside

  • Milda Martinkėnaitė – Hurricane

  • Gabrielius Vagelis – The Distant

  • Greta Zazza – Broken Shadows

Now let’s go through the voting!

From the jury, the top points were given to Greta Zazza with her song Broken Shadows, with Gabrielius Vagelis coming second with 10 points. Third favourite was Gerai Gerai & Silvija Pankūnaitė, and tied on 7 points each was Vidas Bareikis and Agnė  Michalenkovaitė.

The public for the most part agreed with the jury this week, with the only big discrepancy being Živilė Gedvilaitė, who received only 2 points from the jury, but topped the televote this week. Coming in second with the televote was Agnė  Michalenkovaitė, and third was Greta Zazza.

With the votes combined, here are the qualifiers:

What do you think of the qualifiers from this week?