Alfred and Amaia to represent Spain at Eurovision 2018

After an exciting (but a little bit confusing) national selection, we finally have a winner in Spain! The Eurovision Gala show took place last night, where a total of nine entries between six acts were performed, with audiences choosing their favourite from the group.

As we discussed previously, Operación Triunfo was used to select the Spanish Eurovision act this year. Technically, there were five finalists, all of which performed a competing entry. Those five were Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Ana Guerra and Miriam. There was also a wildcard artist, which was Agoney, who was a part of one of the duets. The five finalists also performed a group entry. Here are the entries:

  • Aitana – Arde

  • Alfred – Que nos sigan las luces

  • Amaia – Al Cantar

  • Ana Guerra – El Remedio

  • Miriam – Lejos de tu piel

  • Agoney & Miriam – Magia

  • Aitana & Ana Guerra – Lo Malo

  • Alfred & Amaia – Tu Canción

  • Aitana, Alfred, Amaia, Ana Guerra & Miriam – Camina

There were two rounds of voting, and in the first round, three acts advanced, with those being:

  • Aitana – Arde

  • Aitana & Ana Guerra – Lo Malo

  • Alfred & Amaia – Tu Canción

After the second round of voting, the winner was decided, and it will be Alfred and Amaia who will take to the Eurovision stage with their touching entry, Tu Canción, which you can watch down below:

The show also featured special guests Luisa Sobral, winning songwriter of Eurovision 2017, Conchita Wurst, winner of Eurovision 2014 and J Balvin, who performed Machika and Mi Gente.

For the fans of Operación Triunfo, the show is not yet over. There is one more show, the Gala Final, where the five finalists will perform a popular song of their choice, and once again they’ll be up for public vote. The two with the least votes will be eliminated, and then the three remaining finalists will perform the songs they performed back in the first Gala. The winner of the series will be decided by public vote.

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