Supernova Second Semi-Final: Here are the Qualifiers!

This week marked the second semi-final of Latvia’s selection process, Supernova, with another seven acts competing for just two qualifying spots.

As in the previous semi-final, the qualifiers are decided through a mix of televoting as well as the votes of a jury of music professionals. This week saw a group of diverse acts including:

  • Hypnotic — Pray

  • MADARA — Esamiba

  • Markus Riva — This Time

  • In My Head — Sunset

  • Ritvars — Who’s Counting

  • Monta — 1000 Roses

  • Riga Reggae — STOP THE WAR U2

The voting revealed that it would be MADARA and Ritvars who will continue through the final. These two acts will join last week’s qualifiers Edgars Kreilis and Liene Greifāne as well as next week’s qualifiers in the final which will take place on the 24th of February.

*Update* There’s been a bit of a voting mix up in Latvia, and it turns out that Markus Riva was meant to be in the final. Instead of kicking out one of the two qualifiers this week, they’ve decided to add Markus Riva to the final line-up.

Stay tuned for the performances, and for more news from Latvia!


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