Eurovision Union’s March Playlist!

Throughout 2017, we enjoyed creating weekly playlists featuring songs from Eurovision and national final stars, new and old. This year, instead of (im)patiently waiting for artists to release new music each week, we’ve decided to focus on new music on a monthly basis.

We’ve selected songs that have been released on Spotify this month, and we’ve excluded songs that are competing in national finals (as we have our national final playlists for these tracks!). Also, since there’s thousands of Eurovision and National Final stars from over the years, it can be hard to keep up with all the new releases, so if you notice a song is missing, let us know and we’ll add it to the playlist!

New Albums

We’ve got one new album this month, and that’s from Australian representative Dami Im. The album is called I Hear a Song, and features 14 new tracks from the Aussie songstress and is the first album release for Dami since 2016. We’ve featured two tracks from the album, the title track I Hear a Song as well as the track Feeling Good, both of which were released as singles on Spotify.

New Singles from Eurovision Stars

Let’s start with the new singles from the 2017 Eurovision representatives, including the most eccentric artist of the year. We’re of course talking about Slavko, who has recently released the single El Ritmo. We’ve also got the Greek representative Demy, who released a Greek and English version of the same tune, titled Orio Kanena and Right Now respectively, and if you love a bop, you’ll love those tracks!

From the Finnish duo Norma John, we’ve got their latest song called Hellfire which was released early on in March. We’ve also got a collaboration between two of the 2017 artists, and that’s of course JOWST and Kristian Kostov who released the song Burning Bridges.

From previous editions of Eurovision, we’ve got Ilse DeLange who partnered with Waylon (yes, the same Waylon who is representing The Netherlands this year) back in 2014 as part of the group The Common Linnets, but she’s just released a solo single titled OK. Also from The Netherlands, we’ve got two tracks from Anouk, the first titled Lente, and the second a collab between her and Kempi, titled No Love.

We’ve got a few Scandi representatives on this playlist too, including Basim with his track Tanker. If you know us or have read our Chart Toppers, you’ll know that Basim can do no wrong in our eyes, so this is sure to be in an upcoming Chart Toppers! Also from Denmark is Tim Schou, who released a song titled Nirvana. We’ve got Mørland, who performed alongside Debrah Scarlett back in 2015 for Norway, and he’s just released a solo single titled Leo.

Last but not least, we’ve got Mor Ve Ötesi who have also released a track for the first time in a while and it’s titled Sultan-I Yegâh.

New Singles from National Final Stars

We’ve got a handful of new tracks from national final stars, including the local to the Latvian national final, Markus Riva who released the song I’ll Never Let You Go.

From Sweden, we’ve got last year’s national finalist Adrijana who has recently dropped the single Svår, as well as former Melodifestivalen participant Ulrik Munther with his new track titled Say Goodbye. Also from Sweden, we’ve got Molly Sandén with her next single, titled Undanflykter.