Rehearsal Day 1 – Belgium

It’s been an action packed first day in the Eurovision arena for the first of the rehearsals, and we’ve been there to cover it all! Each day, we aim to bring an in-depth recap of the happenings of the day, including summaries and thoughts on the rehearsals of each act. Here’s the action from Day 1!


Belgium was definitely one of the favourites coming into the contest, although it had dropped amongst fans after some of her performances on the promo scene. Many were worried about her vocal performance, but here’s how it went down.


There’s really not a whole lot happening in this one. There’s no props, no gimmicks, and realistically not much action throughout the song. The first thing we see as a viewer is a light shining across Sennek’s face, highlighting primarily her eyes, and then the lights kick in as the first verse continues.

She’s alone for the whole performance, and for the most part the stage is kept quite dark, with the use of only one colour of lights throughout the performance. It’s definitely one of the most simplistic stage performances of the day, but perhaps it’s on that fine line of simplicity or boring, and I’m afraid it’s close to crossing the boring line.


This is another interesting fashion choice, with Sennek wearing a black outfit, very unsurprisingly, with the top half of the dress sheer black with horizontal cut outs, and polka dots. This goes into the dress skirt, but underneath that is pants. Unfortunately I don’t find this to be flattering at all, at least on camera, but we could see this change.


There is definitely a huge improvement here compared to her performances at the promotional parties. We were really worried for her vocals, but upon hearing even her first run through, a bit of faith was restored in the Belgian chances of reaching the final. There’s room for improvement, but she looks to be more in control and more comfortable with the song, specifically in the verses where she impressed us the most. The choruses could probably still use some work.

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