Rehearsal Day 1 – Czech Republic

It’s been an action packed first day in the Eurovision arena for the first of the rehearsals, and we’ve been there to cover it all! Each day, we aim to bring an in-depth recap of the happenings of the day, including summaries and thoughts on the rehearsals of each act. Here’s the action from Day 1!

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic are one of the hot favourites this year, and it’s easy to see why. Mikolas Josef is a talented artist who wrote and produced both his song and music video, and today it became clear that he is a very professional but commanding performer, controlling his rehearsals to ensure that they gave him the best chance of a great performance.


Lighting wise, this is one of the best so far. The colours featured are blue and purple, and they are probably the most visually appealing in the context of the stage. In the first run through, the camera angles were completely off, and it totally just missed the mark of where the performance should be. As we watched more run throughs of the performance, the team tried a number of different angles, as we suspect that this is definitely something they will continue to work on in the next round of rehearsals.

The biggest issue with the angles was that none of the angles suited the movement in the song, of which there’s a lot as there’s backing dancers who are quite active throughout the performance with a lot of choreography and acrobatics. Otherwise, the staging is quite nice, and provided we get improved angles, this will be a great performance.


It’s a pretty hip combination of cuffed black pants, a longline white shirt, a black bow-tie and sport socks. It’s definitely a youthful and effortless look that suits Mikolas completely, and I wouldn’t really change a thing about the costuming.

And if you’ve been wondering, yes, the backpack is back! In the first minute or so he is sans backpack, but it gets brought out to him, and it becomes part of the choreography as we’ve seen in the promo party performances over the last few weeks and months.


Vocally, Mikolas is strong, even though it was quite clear he was holding back on his performances. At times he sounded a bit quiet, especially in the faster portions of the song. Today it felt as if the key focus was on choreography and stage performance over his vocals, but he’s demonstrated time and time again that he is very much vocally capable.

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