Rehearsal Day 3 – Denmark

We’re up to Day 3 here in the press centre for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and over the last two days we’ve seen all 19 competing acts in the first semi-final take to the stage for their first rehearsals. Today, we’ve got the first half of the second semi-final, starting with Norway and ending in Australia! Follow the action here with us at Eurovision Union!


Denmark are going full viking this year, which is a definite step in the opposite direction in comparison of their previous entries, all of which have definitely been more pop oriented. Being quite a theatrical song, the performance definitely needed to reflect that, and we think that they’ve


Somewhat unexpectedly we’re seeing a similar style of staging to what we’ve seen at the national final. The stage is blue, and features two big sails on stage. Rasmussen is backed by four backing artists who also engage with the synchronised choreography, which is probably the best part of this performance.

Otherwise, I find this to be a bit plain. Sure, we have props and the wind machine, oh and we get fake snow again, but realistically, there’s no changes in lighting, and we don’t exactly see any of their faces clearly at any point of the song.

Unfortunately I find this to be slightly disinteresting, but placed after San Marino and in front of Russia, this still has a big chance of making it to the final.


Each of the artists on stage inclusive of Rasmussen himself are wearing black outfits. As it’s relatively dark on stage, it’s hard to decipher any details on their outfits. We can tell that there’s longline jackets or cardigan type garments which catch the wind from the wind machine.

Rasmussen has ditched the man bun today and has his hair straightened for the rehearsal, but it’s certain that he and all his backing artists are definitely serving up that Viking aesthetic.


The backing for Rasmussen in this performance is definitely streamlined and seamless, but as for the core vocalist Rasmussen, at times I find his performance a bit lacklustre, perhaps due to quite a monotone chorus. He hits the key change well, and towards the final moments of the song, he does hit the notes that he needs to hit.

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