POLL: Who will win Eurovision 2018?

We are only hours away from the show, and interestingly this year there’s no clear winner. Usually there’s one or two favourites that are more unanimously agreed on, but this year, each person you ask will give you a different answer. In the context of this year’s contest, it is definitely a good thing. It means that the songs are so strong that although there are some favourites, the winner can come out of nowhere.

With that said, we want your help to pick tonight’s winner. In our currently running 2018 poll, we also asked you to pick the winner, however now that we’ve said goodbye to 17 of this year’s competing artists, we thought we’d narrow down your choices to just the 26 finalists. In our currently running poll, which you can find here, the current winner is Finland, with Norway and Israel following behind. Have your favourites changed? Watch the recap of the songs and vote in the poll down below: