The Results Are In: Israel Wins Eurovision 2018!

She was the hot favourite with the bookmakers for most of the lead up to the contest, and Israel’s Netta Barzilai has conquered the contest. Her wish can now come true – she can now bring the contest back to Israel. It’s been 20 years since their last win with Dana International, and in total it is Israel’s fourth win in the contest.

This year’s contest delivered on everything we could have wanted, we had some of the best music we have seen at Eurovision as well as some incredible and revolutionary stage performances that will go down in Eurovision history. Until the end it was such a close race between the acts, meaning that the winner was not as clear cut as last year’s runaway win of Salvador Sobral.

This made the voting sequence incredibly tense. As we will explore in the coming weeks, the voting this year saw some big discrepancies between the jury vote and the televote, which is why the points are more evenly spread out in comparison to last year’s competition.

Here are the overall results:

  1. Israel: 529 points

    2. Cyprus: 436 points

    3. Austria: 342 points

    4. Germany: 340 points

    5. Italy: 308 points

    6. Czech Republic: 281 points

    7. Sweden: 274 points

    8.Estonia: 245 points

    9. Denmark: 226 points

    10. Moldova: 209 points

    11. Albania: 184 points

    12. Lithuania: 181 points

    13. France: 173 points

    14. Bulgaria: 166 points

    15. Norway: 144 points

    16. Ireland: 136 points

    17. Ukraine: 130 points

    18. The Netherlands: 121 points

    19. Serbia: 113 points

    20. Australia: 99 points

    21. Hungary: 93 points

    22. Slovenia: 64 points

    23. Spain: 61 points

    24. United Kingdom: 48 points

    25. Finland: 46 points

    26. Portugal: 39 points

Let’s briefly looks at the key points from the jury and televoting split.

  • Austria won the jury vote with a total of 271 jury points
  • Last in the jury vote was Ukraine, with only 11 points
  • In the televote, Israel was the top favourite with 317 points
  • Last in the televote was Australia with just 9 points

Top 5 with the jury was:

  1. Austria (271)
  2. Sweden (253)
  3. Israel (212)
  4. Germany (204)
  5. Cyprus (183)

Top 5 with the televote was:

  1. Israel (317)
  2. Cyprus (253)
  3. Italy (249)
  4. Czech Republic (215)
  5. Denmark (188)

To the semi-finals, where Israel was also the top qualifier from semi-final 1, with Cyprus following behind in 2nd place. In the second semi-final, Norway’s Alexander Rybak topped the semi-final, with Sweden coming in 2nd.

What do you think of the result? Share your thoughts with us!