Junior Eurovision: Georgia selects Tamar Edilashvili!

Forget Post Eurovision Depression, we are straight into the Junior Eurovision coverage for the contest which will take place on the 25th of November this year in Minsk, Belarus. First up to select their act was Georgia, who are one of the most successful Junior Eurovision nations with currently three wins.

This year Georgia opted for a national final format after a number of years using an internal selection. It’s not the first time they have used a national final for Junior Eurovision, with the broadcaster using a televised show from their debut in 2007 up until 2011.

This year’s national selection was called Ranina, and it actually started on March 2nd which is well before the contest itself. The show featured various heats, quarterfinals, semi-finals and of course the Grand Final, and it has finally come to a conclusion.

In total, there were ten artists who had the opportunity to perform with a symphony orchestra as well as famous Georgian artists. From the heats, only half of the acts qualified through to the final, and just three artists were in the Grand Final.

The results of the show were decided by a three person jury, which changed throughout the series. The participating artists included:

  • Giorgi Tsisakadze
  • Tamar Edilashvili
  • Alexander Zazarashvili
  • Nikoloz Gogichaishvili
  • Davit Kimeridze
  • Nita Jakhua
  • Anastasia Togonidze
  • Nikoloz Vasadze
  • Maria-Elene Bezhashvili
  • Mariam Saginashvili

The winner of the show was Tamar Edilashvili, with her song to be released at a later date. The broadcaster is also reporting that finalists Anastasia Togonidze and Nikoloz Vasadze will also be present in Belarus, but it is unclear as to what role they will play. Watch her performance from the final of Ranina here: