She’s taking it over! SuRie releases her follow up single!

Less than two weeks after her *eventful* Eurovision experience, the UK representative SuRie has taken it to the next step with her latest track titled Taking It Over. It sees a step away from the style of her Eurovision entry Storm, but it’s bound to be a favourite with SuRie’s countless fans.

Although failing to impact on the voters at Eurovision, Storm was an energetic and anthemic tune that SuRie herself described as an ‘earworm’ but in her latest single, the song journeys through more of an indie pop sound, actually more in line with the Belgian entries SuRie acted as a backing singer for, both in 2015 and 2017.

The song has had a positive reception on social media, with some fans even stating that this track should have been the song to represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision, and we tend to agree with that! It’s something a lot more contemporary than Storm that still allows her vocals to shine.

SuRie also expressed her happiness with the song, posting a screenshot of her current place on the charts stating ‘that’s kind of a big deal for this unsigned, independent artist and I thank you guys, so, so much. Never stop climbing’ – it’s just endless positivity from this ball of sunshine SuRie!

Listen to the song here:

As we know, Storm didn’t fare too well in the Eurovision results, however it will remain as one of the most memorable Eurovision performances of 2018. SuRie was unfortunately at the centre of a security failure, with a stage invader interrupting her performance to promote his own personal political message. Despite that, SuRie picked the microphone back up and finished her performance with such strength – gaining the admiration from fans worldwide!