The Country Quiz: Moldova!

How well do you know the history of Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest? Test out your knowledge here!

In which year did Moldova make their Eurovision debut?
Moldova has finished last in a semi-final once. Which song did Moldova come last with?
Wild Soul
A Century of Love
Falling Stars
Out of these three acts, which act finished in the highest position in the Grand Final?
Pasha Parfeny
SunStroke Project and Olia Tira
Nelly Ciobanu
How many times has Moldova failed to qualify to the Eurovision Grand Final?
Which song does the following lyric belong to: ‘Every day is like a start; Ups and downs, tears and laugh’
Run Away
Wild Soul
Which three colours were featured on the costumes of DoReDos at Eurovision 2018?
Blue, Red, Yellow
Green, Yellow, Red
Orange, Blue, Yellow
SunStroke Project finished in 3rd place at Eurovision 2017. Which position did they qualify in from the semi-final?
Which three countries have given Moldova the most points in Grand Finals only? (as of 2018)
Romania, Portugal, Ukraine
Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan
Romania, Belarus, Sweden
Moldova finished in 11th place in the Grand Final two years in a row. Which two years did they finish in 11th place?
2012 and 2013
2011 and 2012
2009 and 2010
In which year did Moldova compete with a song completely in English?

How well did you know the history of Moldova at Eurovision? Share with us how many you got correct, and share with us your favourite moment of Moldova at Eurovision!

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