Donny Montell drops new single, Žiūrėk ką padarei!

Donny Montell has had a fruitful career since both of his Eurovision appearances, having released two studio albums and a range of singles spanning his career.

The Lithuanian artist has been very active lately, having released an English language song titled Don’t You Know only a month ago, and now he has released a Lithuanian language song.  The song is titled Žiūrėk ką padarei and shows more of street style of Donny, miles away from his first Eurovision entry, Love is Blind!

The song was written in collaboration with well-known songwriter Joy Deb who had previously written Eurovision winner Heroes. Although perhaps still describable as pop, it definitely has electronic influences and has a darker sound which suits Donny’s vocal tone and energy well.

The video clip itself is representative of a rocky relationship and is filmed in various urban locations, including a car scrapyard. Watch the video clip below:

The song is also on Spotify now!