Gromee releases ‘One Last Time’ feauring Jesper Jenset!

After a number of Top 10 hits in Poland, Gromee is back with a new single that’s bound to reach the heights of his previous releases. Known for collaborating with talented vocalists, his new single One Last Time featuring Jesper Jenset is yet another catchy pop number from the Polish DJ.

We were introduced to Gromee at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest where he performed alongside vocalist Lukas Meijer with their song Light Me Up. The club style song hit number 1 on the Polish charts, despite failing to reach the Eurovision final for Poland.

Much like Light Me Up, the latest single is also repetition heavy as per the style of song, however the melody is incredibly catchy, perhaps even catchier than Light Me Up. Jesper’s vocals are well suited to the track making it an all-round enjoyable listen.

The song was released under Sony Music Entertainment, and was written by Gromee himself alongside Eirik Tillerli, Kjetil Aleksander Bjelvin and Jesper Jenset. Listen to the track below: