Emmy Liyana releases official video AND remix of OK ou KO!

It’s been a hot minute since we were graced with arguably one of the best national selections of the Eurovision 2018 season, but now we are finally getting to see the music video for one of our favourite entries of the competition!

You may remember Emmy Liyana from the French national selection, Destination Eurovision and only recently has she released the music video for her competing entry Ok ou Ko. It was a hot favourite to take out the competition and represent France at Eurovision but fell short. However this didn’t take away from the incredible track.

Not only is the music video finally out there, but there is also a remix on Spotify of the Destination Eurovision song and dare we say, it’s better than the original! The Mowlo remix of the song makes an already punchy song even more impactful and overall adds a whole other dimension to the song. Listen to the remix below: