Switzerland to switch things up for Eurovision 2019!

Only recently we reported that the French broadcaster within Switzerland had kicked off their search for participants for what we originally thought would be a national selection, however more news has come out of the nation, revealing that next year’s Eurovision representative will be chosen internally.

Since Eurovision 2011, Die Entscheidungsshow was the format Switzerland used to select their act with the participants submitted by the various Swiss broadcasters. Instead, two juries will be in charge of selecting the Swiss entry.

A total of 120 jury members will take part in this internal selection but as part of two separate juries. The first jury comprises of 100 members, and this jury will be put together based on selected criteria. The other 20 members will form an International Expert Jury which will be made up of former members of the country juries at Eurovision.

The search officially begins on September 1st when artists, producers and songwriters are invited to submit songs for the selection. The submission period will end on October 1st, and from there, the juries will listen to the submissions inclusive of entries submitted by the various Swiss broadcasters, SRF (German), RSI (Italian), RTS (French) as well as RTR (Romansh).

Unfortunately it is not clear when the song will be revealed, but we will be eagerly waiting to see whether this refreshed format will improve the nation’s results.

While we’re on the topic of Switzerland, there is also more news on how RSI will search for their participants to put forward for the overall selection. The Swiss Italian broadcaster have made clear that they are looking for modern entries with international appeal and a strong message.

The submission period for RSI will be between July 27 and August 30, and participants must submit the audio file of the complete song, the lyrics of the song, the biography of the artist, plus a photo and legal identification document.

You can read our earlier post on RTS initiating their search here.