Kazakhstan to hold a national selection for their debut entry!

For the first time in history, Kazakhstan will participate in a contest part of the Eurovision Family of Events, with their debut event to be Junior Eurovision. It has now been announced that the nation will publicly choose their debut entrant.

The announcement of their participation was only a matter of days ago, and as the Chairman of the Khabar Agency Alan Azhibayev explained,

‘Most European countries are doing a very fruitful work in advance, on July 25 we learned that we will get to Junior Eurovision, we do not have much time to take important steps to select the winner who will go to Minsk.’

Despite that, the broadcaster, Khabar Agency will be pushing ahead with a national selection, and they have made it no secret that they are in it to win it. This is unsurprising as on debut, the nation would want to put their best foot forward. Additionally, perhaps this could lead to a debut at Eurovision, especially as Eurovision has been broadcasted to Kazakhstan since 2010.

The national selection will need to be held before October 8th as this is the deadline from the EBU to have all selections held by, so for now all we can do is keep you updated on any future news!