Eurovision 2019: More information on Spain’s selection revealed!

As was announced earlier in the Eurovision 2019 season, Spain will once again use the program Operación Triunfo to select their act, although few details were released regarding the Eurovision gala. In the 2018 competition, a special Eurovision gala was held later in the season, and it was used to decide both the act and the song that would represent Spain.

More details have now been released for the upcoming selection, with the Eurovision Gala to be held in January 2019. Songwriters are invited to submit their entries from the 1st of November, and those submitting their entries can also pick their preferred singer, although it is not guaranteed.

Entries can be submitted up until the 15th of November for the public submission, however there will also be a call for songs from professional artists and songwriters which will be conducted by the broadcaster, RTVE. The entries must include lyrics in one of the co-official languages of Spain which includes Spanish, Catalan, Basque and Galician.

A total of 20 songs will be selected, 10 from each submission category, and the Operación Triunfo participants will record the songs. An online vote will then take place on the RTVE website, and the three most popular acts will qualify to the Eurovision gala, while a professional jury including two of the academy professors will choose up to seven other songs.

The choice of who will represent Spain at Eurovision will be made by the public alone.

Amaia and Alfred were chosen to represent Spain in 2018 through Operación Triunfo as well, but at Eurovision finished in 23rd place with 61 points. Watch the performance below: