Croatia to return to a National Selection for Eurovision 2019

Croatia have confirmed their participation at Eurovision next year, and now we know that the nation will be returning to their national selection process to determine who will represent the nation.

The Director General of the Croatian national broadcaster, Kazimir Bačić has confirmed that Dora will be once again used as the format to select their Eurovision 2019 entrant. The Director General had explained that due to large sporting events, there were programming cuts at the broadcaster, however now they will be investing more in entertainment shows during 2019. As well as Dora, the broadcaster will also be bringing back The Voice.

It has also been said that the Croatian national selection will be held in Opatija however the finer details of the selection are still scarce. Dora had been used to select the Croatian act from the nation’s debut back in 1993 until 2011, where it was cancelled after Croatia’s poor results at the contest. Since then, all the Croatian entries had been selected through an internal selection.

Stay tuned for more news from Croatia! Watch their 2018 performance below: