New Music: Marco Mengoni releases two new singles!

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Marco Mengoni is arguably one of the most popular Italian artists who has continuously taken the charts by storm. His rise to fame began after winning the third series of the X Factor Italy, and unlike many reality show winners, actually went on to carve an incredibly successful career for himself.

The joy of Marco Mengoni is hearing his sound progress over the years. He has been a household name within Italy for almost a decade now, and in today’s fast paced musical climate, staying relevant is more difficult than ever. Despite that, Marco Mengoni is back with two new singles which are set to be a part of his upcoming album which will be released in November.

Let’s start with Buona Vita. This song encapsulates the ability Marco has to change up his sound without straying too far from what we would expect from him. This song feels unlike his previous releases, and that’s perhaps the Latino sound that the song features throughout. There is something about this song that feels very organic, and although it feels quite different for Marco, it really is a joy to listen to, more than once, might I add.

His other new release, titled Voglio is yet another demonstration of his versatility. Voglio is perhaps more of what I would have expected his upcoming music to sound like, pop with rock influences. This track is fast paced but extremely radio friendly with its catchy chorus and addictive melody.

Out of the two releases, Voglio certainly has more of an instant appeal, but Buona Vita has a certain charm that’s hard to ignore. Having two songs released at the same time is a treat enough, but knowing that it’s just a sign of things to come is promising. With these two releases, I can predict quite a diverse album to come with songs that represent the styles we can hear in Voglio and Buona Vita.

Also notable is the parallel release of the two songs in Spanish. This isn’t the first time Marco has released his music in Spanish, so perhaps this is a move to continue to break into a fresh market. It begs the question as to what will feature on his upcoming album, but either way I suspect it will be a very well curated track list.

Listen to Voglio and Buona Vita below: