2018 Junior Eurovision Reviews – Israel

Israel is a nation that has had a very brief history at Junior Eurovision with this year’s participation being only the third, with the previous two in 2012 and 2016. Their previous two results haven’t been too crash hot, but this year it will be up to Noam Dadon with the song Children Like These to help turn it around – could Israel manage to win both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision in the same year?

Israel took an interesting route for their song selection this year which is worth discussing. As you may know, Noam Dadon was chosen through a national selection, however the song was revealed after. Interestingly, this song has previously been released by another artist. Not only that, the original version of this song has had millions of views on YouTube already. Somehow this still managed to get approved by the EBU, and here we are – but will it act as an advantage?

Had it been Eurovision, it could have been seen as more of an advantage, but in the context of Junior Eurovision, I would argue that the song wouldn’t have been heard by the audiences of Junior Eurovision before, but still, something just feels a little off with this one. Knowing this backstory actually has affected the way I see this entry, and after the intense creativity we saw with Netta at Eurovision this year, this song selection process has come across as effortless.

With that said, however, Children Like These is a beautifully composed song performed by an incredible young vocalist. The style of song reminds me a lot of a fellow Israeli artist, Natan Goshen as it has an overall calming feel to the music. Noam’s voice is incredibly moving, and the traditional sound to both his voice and the song as a whole is very captivating.

A late running order position will probably benefit Israel, but slotted between Georgia and France may counteract that. I have no doubt his vocals will be spot on, but I suspect we will be getting a very simple stage performance which will then be lost among those two songs, and the show as a whole. I just don’t think this will get enough support from the voters to make a huge impact. This is the type of song you appreciate at the time of listening to it, but when it comes to voting, the votes go elsewhere.

For me, this is a 7/10.

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