Moldova to select their Eurovision act on March 3

Moldova have launched the search for their next Eurovision act with the date for their upcoming national final set for March 3.

The broadcaster has encouraged singers and songwriters to submit their entries for the competition, with the submission period ending on the 18th of January. The rules state:

  • The entry form must include name, date of birth, residence and address, and contact information
  • The submission must include the copyright protection of the song and the song lyrics along with a note confirming the song is original, not published before September 1 2018 and can be performed by the act wanting to perform the entry
  • There needs to be a printed version of the song text and its translation if it is not in Romanian
  • The submission must include the mp3 version of the song
  • The participants can also submit a recording of how they envision the staging

The national selection for 2019 will feature one semi-final and the Grand Final. The semi-final will be held on the 2nd of March and the final on the 3rd of March.

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