The Country Quiz: Russia!

How well do you know the history of Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest? Test out your knowledge here!

Which Russian artist competed with the song Primadonna at the Eurovision Song Contest?
Alla Pugacheva
Philipp Kirkorov
As of 2018, how many times has Russia finished in 2nd place either in the Eurovision final or semi-finals?
five times
four times
two times
Which two languages have been featured in Russian Eurovision entries other than Russian and English?
Ukrainian and Udmurt
Ukrainian and French
Belarusian and Udmurt
Which of these statements is true:
Believe by Dima Bilan won the Eurovision Song Contest but did not win the semi-final he participated in
Dima Bilan finished with a higher number of points in his 2006 appearance with the song Never Let You Go
Believe by Dima Bilan finished in a higher semi-final placing than Never Let You Go
Since Russia’s return to the contest in 2000, which song gave the nation their worst placing in a Eurovision final? (As of 2018)
Get You
Nobody Hurt No One
Lady Alpine Blue
Which Russian Eurovision entry featured a notable dialogue in place of a second verse?
Lost and Forgotten
What if
A Million Voices
Between 2004 and 2007 songs could qualify to the final for the following year if they finished in a Top position the previous year, but which artist had to qualify in the semi-final due to the poor position in the previous year?
Dima Bilan
Julia Savicheva
Natalia Podolskaya
As of 2018, how many Russian entries have been performed completely in English?
14 entries
9 entries
17 entries
Two former Russian representatives joined forces to compete in the 2012 Russian national final, but which two artists were they?
Dima Bilan & Julia Volkova
Philipp Kirkorov & Alsou
Anastasia Prikhodko and Alexej Vorobjov
Which two presenters hosted the Eurovision 2009 semi-final hosted in Moscow?
Natalia Vodianova and Andrey Malahov
Alsou and Ivan Urgant
Natalia Vodianova and Ivan Urgant

How well did you know the history of Russia at Eurovision? Share with us how many you got correct, and share with us your favourite moment of Russia at Eurovision!

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