The Country Quiz: Cyprus!

How well do you know the history of Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest? Test out your knowledge here!

Which two Cypriot entries have won Marcel Bezençon Awards?
Stronger Every Minute and Fuego
Why Angels Cry and La La Love
Life Looks Better in Spring and Alter Ego
What do Anna Vissi, Hara & Andreas Constantinou and Lisa Andreas have in common?
All three finished in 5th place in the Eurovision final
All three performed from position 21 in the running order
All three performed in Greek language
In which year did Cyprus first send a song completely in English to Eurovision?
Which Cypriot Eurovision entry qualified into the final with the highest semi-final position?
La La Love
Alter Ego
What was the title of the song originally chosen to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 1988 however was withdrawn before the contest?
I Agapi akoma zi
Mana Mou
In which year did Michalis Hatzigiannis represent Cyprus with the song ‘Genesis’? 
Which of the following three artists did NOT represent Cyprus more than once?
Marlain Angelidou  
Alex Panayi
How many 12 points from both jury and televoting did Eleni Foureira receive at Eurovision 2018?
6 with jury, 3 with televote
7 with jury, 4 with televote
3 with jury, 5 with televote
What is the best result achieved by Cyprus with a song completely in Greek?
5th place
6th place
4th place
How was Christina Metaxa selected for Eurovision 2009?
Christina and her song were chosen through a national final
Christina was chosen internally, with a national final for the song
Christina and her song were chosen internally

How well did you know the history of Cyprus at Eurovision? Share with us how many you got correct, and share with us your favourite moment of Cyprus at Eurovision!

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