Eurovision 2019: Poland will be represented by Tulia!

Polish broadcaster TVP have announced that the nation will be represented by the group Tulia at the upcoming edition of Eurovision which will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel.

After a few years of public selections, the broadcaster decided to internally select the act this year, and Tulia is the group that the broadcaster thinks will best represent the nation. The group consists of four singers, Patrycja Nowicka, Dominika Siepka, Joanna Sinkiewicz and Tulia Biczak.

Tulia are a unique group who combine classical folk with modern music production. Despite being formed early 2018, the group has found success in Poland. They have performed at FRYDERYKI 2018, and have won all three awards during the Polish Song Festival in Opole. The group has also sold out a tour, and have received a platinum award for their debut album which was released in May last year.

The song that the group will sing will be released at a later date, but you can listen to some of their songs below: