Ukraine: Maruv wins Vidbir, but Eurovision Participation still under Review

The Ukrainian national selection took place over the weekend, but in true style, controversy clouded the result of the competition. Over the last two weeks, the semi-finals have taken place where a total of three artists from each semi-final qualified into the Final.

Here is the full line-up:

  • Freedom Jazz – Cupidon
  • Yuko – Galyna guliala
  • Maruv – Siren Song
  • Brunettes Shoot Blondes – Houston
  • Kazka – Apart
  • Anna Maria – My Road

The results of the show were decided through a mix of jury and televote, with the jury consisting of Jamala, Andriy Danylko (Verka Serduchka) and Yevhen Filatov. The jury gave the highest points to Freedom Jazz, followed by Maruc and Yuko.

The televote preferred Maruv, giving her the top points. In second with the public was Kazka and then Freedom Jazz. With the points combined, Maruv won the national selection, followed close behind by Freedom Jazz, then Kazka rounded out the top 3.

Usually the national selection result is final, however after the Ukrainian selection, it was revealed that Maruv had not yet been confirmed as the Ukrainian representative at Eurovision. Due to upcoming appearances in Russia, the broadcaster ordered Maruv to sign a contract which stipulated the cancellation of her tour, among other requirements.

In a Facebook post, Maruv has now confirmed that she will sign this contract in order to represent Ukraine at Eurovision, while also revealing the terms to which she will need to agree. Even still, the decision is not final and will rest in the hands of the broadcaster.

It is another unfortunate episode of politics within the contest, of which Ukraine and Russia have not been shy of in recent years. The most significant situation in recent years at Eurovision has been the banning of Russian representative Julia Samoylova into Ukraine when Kyiv was hosting in 2017.

Politics aside, enjoy the performance of Maruv at the national final below, and stay tuned for the confirmation of either her, or a replacement for Eurovision 2019: