The Country Quiz: United Kingdom!

How well do you know the history of the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest? Test out your knowledge here!

What do Scott Fitzgerald, The Shadows and Imaani all have in common in regards to Eurovision?
All three finished in 2nd place at the Eurovision Song Contest
All three participated in the 1980’s
All three had song titles in the form of questions 
What result did Patricia Bredin bring to the UK in their debut year at Eurovision?
7th place
6th place
9th place
Which national selection format was used to select the 2014 UK representative?
Internal selection of artist and song
Internal selection of artist, public selection of song
Public selection of artist and song
Which of the following UK acts did not finish in last place in a Eurovision final?
Andy Abraham
Josh Dubovie
Out of the following three options, which selection is chronologically correct?
Sandie Shaw, The New Seekers, Olivia Newton-John
Matt Monro, Clodagh Rogers, Mary Hopkin
Bucks Fizz, Jemini, Jessica Garlick
Which performer preceded Katrina and the Waves at Eurovision for the United Kingdom?   
Gina G
Nicki French
Which two British Eurovision entries were featured in the Congratulations: 50 Years of the Eurovision Song Contest special as “competitors”?
Congratulations and Save Your Kisses for Me
Puppet on a String and Boom Bang-a-Bang
Making Your Mind Up and Love Shine a Light
Which of the following cities has not hosted the Eurovision Song Contest?
Between 2009 and 2018, how many times has the UK finished in the Top 10?
Zero Times
Out of the following three acts, which received the highest number of votes in a Eurovision final?
Lucie Jones
Gina G

How well did you know the history of the United Kingdom at Eurovision? Share with us how many you got correct, and share with us your favourite moment of the UK at Eurovision!

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