Poland: Tulia to perform Pali się: (Fire of Love) at Eurovision!

Not long ago, it was announced that the group Tulia would be representing Poland at Eurovision this year, however the song was not yet announced. It has now been announced that they will be performing Pali się: (Fire of Love) at Eurovision in Tel Aviv!

Pali się: (Fire of Love) was a previous single from the group, however released after the September 1st requirement date for Eurovision. The song has been modified to feature English in certain parts of the song.

The song is a unique mix of pop-rock with folk and features an archaic vocal technique. This is the signature sound of the group Tulia which consists of Tulia Biczak, Joanna Sinkiewicz, Patrycja Nowicka and Dominika Siepka.

Listen to the song below: