Wanna Know My Secret?

Out of the Eurovision chaos that was Ukraine, we have a fan favourite – Maruv. Sure, she may not be competing at Eurovision this year, but she has earned a place in the hearts of many Eurovision fans, with some even calling on the EBU and KAN to invite Maruv to perform as part of an interval act.

Maruv has recently released the video clip for her national final winning entry, Siren Song. The video was directed by Yana Chaplygina and edited by Serge Vane. The Cinematography was done by Eugene Kirey.

The video clip is everything we would expect from Maruv, and is essentially the next step up from her national final performance. The video is borderline NSFW, but Maruv and her team of dancers ooze confidence and power.

Watch the video below:

In case you missed the drama:

Ukraine were expected to compete at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and as normal had planned a national selection. From that national selection, it was decided that Maruv had won the contest, and therefore the opportunity to represent Ukraine at Eurovision. Unfortunately this wasn’t agreed upon by the national broadcaster, who had stipulated certain terms to Maruv, including that she would have to cancel any upcoming Russian tours. A final agreement could not be made between Maruv and the Ukrainian broadcaster, and as the broadcaster could not find a suitable replacement, the nation decided to withdraw from the competition. You can read more about it here.