Ultimate Eurovision 2.0 – Part 1!

You may remember our original Best of the Bunch series, which aimed to find the best Eurovision entry from each nation from the years 2006 to 2015. From that series, we created the ‘Ultimate Eurovision’ which featured the winners of each of the poll, which you can read here. Over the past year, we aimed to find your Best of the Bunch from the last three years, 2016 through to 2018 so now it’s time to create another Ultimate Eurovision!

If you are still interested in voting, the polls will remain open, and for each nation a link will be added!


After a successful few years for Belgium, we saw the nation fail to qualify in 2018. Previous to that, we saw the nation finish in 4th place, so it’s safe to say that our Best of the Bunch options were a mixed bag. The votes are in, and it turns out you agree with the results of the contest, with Blanche topping the poll with over 50% of the vote. Watch the performance below:

If you haven’t yet had your say in our Best of the Bunch Belgium poll, you can vote here.


Despite Albania being one of those nations who is constantly hit or miss at Eurovision, they are always consistent in sending incredible vocalists, and that is clear with the artists in our Best of the Bunch: The Trials. The artists are great, but it can be the song that lets them down, and this was the case with both Lindita and Eneda who both failed to qualify. Nevertheless, you voted, and the overwhelming winner of the poll is Eugent Bushpepa with the song Mall!

If you haven’t yet had your say in our Best of the Bunch Albania poll, you can vote here.


Much like Belgium and Albania, Latvia served up a mixed bag of entries between 2016 and 2018. The musical styles of the songs are also quite diverse, from the electronic entry from Triana Park to the more sultry style of Laura Rizzotto. Although both are good entries in their own rights, you voted, and your Best of the Bunch is Justs with his song, Heartbeat!

If you haven’t yet had your say in our Best of the Bunch Latvia poll, you can vote here.


Over the last few decades, Greece has been considered one of the stronger nations at Eurovision, specifically upon the turn of the 21st century where Top 10 results were common. Over the last few years however, they haven’t produced the best results, with their first non-qualification ever in 2016, and then again in 2018. Despite that, you voted for your Best of the Bunch, and the winner is Yianna Terzi with the song Oniro Mou!

If you haven’t yet had your say in our Best of the Bunch Greece poll, you can vote here.

Czech Republic

If we look back over the history of the Czech Republic at Eurovision, it is clear that they have not been very successful in their relatively short history at the contest. The nation found their success for the first time in 2016, which marked the first time they had qualified, and then in 2018, their representative Mikolas Josef brought the nation their best ever result, which was 6th place in the final. With three performances in mind, your Best of the Bunch is Mikolas Josef with the song Lie To Me!

If you haven’t yet had your say in our Best of the Bunch Greece poll, you can vote here.


From Hero to Zero, and from Zero to Hero again – it has been a rocky few years for Estonia, coming from a Top 10 finish, to last place in the semi-final in 2016. Again in 2017, the nation failed to qualify, however redeemed themselves with Elina Nechayeva in 2018 with a spectacular performance that gave Estonia another Top 10 finish. You have voted, and the results match up with the Eurovision results, with Elina Nechayeva taking out the top spot with her song La Forza.

If you haven’t yet had your say in our Best of the Bunch Estonia poll, you can vote here.


Finland are great at sending diverse entries to Eurovision, and despite not always being successful, they can at least be recognised for shaking things up each year. The diversity can certainly be seen in the entries between 2016 and 2018, with Norma John and the melancholy track Blackbird wedged between two more upbeat entries. You voted, and it’s Saara Aalto who will be included in our Ultimate Eurovision line-up with her song, Monsters!

If you haven’t yet had your say in our Best of the Bunch Finland poll, you can vote here.


Armenia have had some highs and lows over the last few years, with Iveta Mukuchyan finishing in 7th place however on the flip side, the 2018 entry failed to qualify to the final, which marked the second time at that point that Armenia had failed to qualify. In the middle was Artsvik who finished in 18th place, but who is voted Best of the Bunch? This is definitely the closest result so far, with Iveta Mukuchyan topping the poll but by a small margin!

If you haven’t yet had your say in our Best of the Bunch Armenia poll, you can vote here.

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts featuring more of the artists in our Ultimate Eurovision!

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